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Grow PH Perfect® is a fertilizer dedicated to growth. It is part of the Ph Perfect® Grow, Micro, Bloom line which are basic N P K nutrients, packaged in 3 separate parts and formulated precisely to give the right ratio of nutrients your plants need, depending on the stage of development they are in coping. Unlike other similar articles, it is a very versatile fertilizer suitable for most plant species. Contains chelates and ensures bushy plants with fast growth. Excellent harvests in the shortest possible time. NPK 2-1-6. Also recommended for hydroponic cultivation.

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Benefits Grow pH Perfect Advanced Nutrients:

  • Complete nutrient base, ideal for the entire vegetative growth phase of the plant.
  • Very flexible, the quantities can vary substantially from variety to variety.
  • Provides a balanced amount of nutrients Grow 2-1-6 luxuriant leaf development, increase in the root system.

PH Perfect GMB is the "recipe" of Advanced Nutrients' PH Perfect technology, it contains: 

  • Wet Betty , which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of your water, facilitating the diffusion and absorption of nutrients in your plants
  • Humic acid which provides a natural aid in the transport of nutrients and vitamins in the your plants, so that they grow faster and to make them develop stronger cellular processes
  • Fulvic acid  which speeds up the absorption of nutrients, these two acids must work in synergy to obtain the best conditions to speed up the vegetative and flowering phases of the plants
  • Same GMB nutrients for faster growth and an impressive final result Chelated elements that are absorbed quickly and easily from the roots

How to use:

  • Mix 4 ml of Grow pH Perfect per litre
  • Shake well to get the most out of it


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