GHE - Aeroponic System - Growstream 120 1,895.25 €

GHE - Aeroponic System - Growstream 120

Many growers, researchers and scientists use them all over the world and they agree in stating that no other system guarantees the same growth ratio and robustness of the plants grown there. The AeroFlo system oxygenates the nutrient solution and delivers oxygen, water and fertilizer in an ideal combination, creating an environment in the root zone of superior quality to any other, including nature.

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Based on the same technology as AeroFlo, probably the most effective hydro system on the market, but with a number of improvements that make the system more ergonomic without compromising quality.
The new system has a detachable lid and rounded corners for easier cleaning, a double coating for the chamber and the lid for better insulation, the irrigation line is inside the chamber to avoid any loss. The size is slightly increased compared to the AeroFlo to leave more space for the roots and a greater water capacity, which makes it adaptable to all plants.
It is a multipurpose system in which you can choose whether to grow small or large plants. It is the only hydroponic system on the market that can be adapted to grow large plants, not just salads and herbs.
With a capacity of 10 to 120 plants per unit and with an infinite number of units available, the GrowStream systems are truly the most flexible when it comes to the production of plants in hydroponics.
Working with the principle of distributing the hydrogen peroxide along the course of the unit, the GrowStream concept offers the benefits of what is now known as “Aeroponics”, without the disadvantages of water heating and without extreme susceptibility to pH fluctuations.
GrowStream systems work thanks to a simple water pump in the tank that pushes the water along the growth channel, where it is introduced at carefully studied intervals.
The nutrient solution then flows along the channel, perfectly oxygenated all the way back to the tank: no complex controllers, or multiple air pumps - GrowStream systems are incredibly simple to install and use so you can focus on plant management, not system control.
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