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Odour Neutralising Agent - Linen Fresh Gel 20L 170,28 €
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Odour Neutralising Agent - Linen Fresh Gel 20L

This gel-based product is ideal for larger room applications due to its controlled release formula, which offers consistent odor treatment over a longer period of time. Simply place in the target area and remove the lid. The effectiveness of the product can be accelerated with the use of a fan to blow air on the product. This will aid in the distribution of the agent in the grow room, but will consume the product faster.
Note: to keep the gel at its best, be sure to shake the product before use
Ideal for home use or in the office and is safe for pets.

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The range of Odor Neutralizing Agent products contains a special formula based on terpenes derived from 100% organic quality essential oils, which, when diffused in the air, capture and neutralize (do not cover or hide) the malodorous molecules of organic and inorganic material present in indoor cultivation. Simply place in your target area and remove the lid.
It is ideal for domestic use, or in indoor greenhouses, it is safe and biodegradable.


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