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HANNA EC meter HI 98304

The Hanna Instruments DiST 4 is a pocket tester for the measurement of EC , Electrical conductivity (low range) that measures up to 2000 µS/cm.
The DiST 4 is perfect for measuring conductivity for quality control of drinking water, irrigation water, in water conditioning systems and for environmental controls.
DiST 4 is robust and reliable, recommended for both laboratory and field use. The instrument has only 2 buttons, one for switching on and off, the other for the calibration function.
DiST 4 has a large multi-level LCD display from which it is possible to view both the conductivity (EC) than those of temperature.

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  • Ergonomic design with rounded edges and a thickness of less than 2 cm.

  • Large multi-level LCD display, the display measures 29x20mm and allows you to easily and simultaneously read both the conductivity and the temperature.

  • Two buttons for operation, one for turning on and off, the other for calibration.

  • Integrated temperature sensor, allows you to automatically compensate the measurements based on the temperature.

  • The temperature can be displayed in °C or °F

  • Graphite sensor, reduces the effects due to polarization and resists oxidation, ensuring more precise and reliable readings

  • Automatic one-point calibration, simply by pressing a button, using the standard calibration solution at 1413 µS/cm

  • Clock-shaped stability indicator disappears when the reading has reached stability

  • Automatic shutdown, can be set to automatically turn off after 8 or 60 minutes to extend battery life

  • Low battery indicator, appears if the remaining battery life is less than 10%

  • Battery percentage charge at startup, all display segments are shown for 1 second, then the remaining battery percentage indication is shown


  • EC scale: from 0 to 2000 µS/cm

  • EC resolution: 1 µS/cm

  • EC accuracy (at 20°C): ±2% f.s.

  • Temperature scale: 0.0 to 50.0°C / 32.0 to 122.0°F

  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F

  • Accuracy at 20°C temperature: ±0.5°C / ±1°F

  • EC calibration: automatic, 1-point compensation

  • Temperature: automatic from 0 to 50°C

  • Power supply: 1 x 3V CR2032 / about 250 hours of continuous use

  • Automatic shutdown: after 8 minutes or 60 minutes

  • It can be disabled

  • Conditions of use: from 0 to 50°C R.H. max 100%

  • Probe dimensions: 160x40x17mm/68g


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